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How We Commemorate Easter Rising

Last year was the big one being the centenary of the 1916 rising. However people all over this little island people remember the events that started our path to freedom in their own little way – even if the date changes around which is due to Easter and how the maths works out or so we believe.

Sligo Sligo News took to the streets yesterday to ask locals how they and their families would be celebrating or commemorating the rising.

Piotr (35) “I will have a long walk in a local park with my family and I can reflect on past events and gather my thoughts.”

Monika (26) “We will have a little party, don’t ya know and the cake will be decorated in the colours of the flag in Ireland.”

Agnieska (30) “My family and friends will gather around and read poems and sing songs about Ireland and freedom.”

Boryslaw (40) “We always gather to tell stories and acknowledge the sacrifice of those brave heroes of 1916. We will raise a toast in their honour.”

Marek (32) “A tradition musician will play, he will play a lament and we’ll indulge in some Sean knows singing and dancing. It will be a marvellous celebration.”

Conor (9) “My daddy usually kicks us out to go play. But last year I hid in the house. He went back to bed and said to mammy that he’d only gone and stirred up events and it was only right to pay homage to his own little rising. I thought he was hurting mammy again so I ran into the bedroom and was quickly shouted at and told to fuck off out to play.”

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