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International Day Against Nuclear Tests – March Disaster

Council members have declared Sligo’s commemoration of the United Nations International Day Against Nuclear Tests (August 29) a F**king disaster.


No members of the public turned up for the planned march from the docks to the courthouse. Two council members walked the route and carried a banner between them declaring their support for the United Nations initiative.


“It’s a poor showing both from the elected members of the council and from the public at large,” declared an irate representative. “It’s nothing but a f**king disaster,” he added. “Banky Moon the UN secretary general has called for an end to this dangerous impasse and we’ve basically ignored the man. Today I’m ashamed to be a Sligo man.”


Referring to the actions of other county councils in the region, the councillor continued, “them lot over there in Roscommon have been nuclear free for decades and we’ve basically done nothing”. In the 1980s Sligo’s nearest neighbour declared itself to be a nuclear free zone to a collective sigh of relief from various world powers.


Scientists at the Institute of Technology have tried, but so far failed, to predict the level of fallout Sligo would encounter if those Rossie boys ever went off. Especially if there was an easterly wind blowing.

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