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Iraq War – All About Saddam’s Spud Horde

The Chilcott Inquiry has finally been released and it throws up some interesting things.  You see the innocent young Tony Blair made a promise to be faithful togolden kalashnikiv Prezzie Georgie Bush and that he’d fight alongside him whenever he was needed. In fact the words used went along the lines of “I will be with you, whatever.”


Maybe it was a rash promise but the bold Bush took advantage of the young Tony and was spurred by his support to wage a war against Saddam – who we will admit was bad to the bone. So they had a war and the Brits basically sent their soldiers out with plastic armour and crap weapons – it wasn’t  good. Neither was the death of hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction of a region and the rise of fundamentalism.


It’s a known fact that the evil dictator had amassed fortunes including golden thrones and a golden toilet and vaults full of dollars. But what isn’t widely known is his vast collection of potatoes. Millions and billions of spuds gathered in secret locations led to fear and consternation among the the US and UK allies. They had conniption fits when they found out about the spuds something had to be done and the invasion was planned (sort of).


A source close to the head of the British Civil Service stated that this potato stockpile had to be destroyed. And this is exactly what happened. Blair and Bush decided to destroy Saddam’s potential “Weapons of Mash Destruction.”


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