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Ireland Top Of The World

It’s a great day for Ireland and the Irish. We are the best little tax haven in the world. The country should stand tall and be proud of reaching such a status and leaving the others behind.


We are where the multinationals come to reduce their tax liabilities. We are the best at facilitating this movement of money. They choose us above other tax havens. US giants have made profits of $74 billion thanks to us. A third of the total made in the EU. We’ve said it here before at SligoSligoNews but we are something special. Something other nations can only dream about.


Professor Gabriel Zucman from Berkeley – a tip top university in California – said profits made by these companies here in 2017 were more than in Germany, France, Italy, China, Mexico and India combined. And he should know, he’s a world expert on the subject. He confirmed that Ireland is the world’s top “tax haven”. 

Number 1

So F**k you Italy, F**k You France, F**k you Germany; basically F**k EU. And let’s not forget those others (not even in the EU). We’re number 1 and we don’t care. F**k you all if you ever thought we couldn’t be the best at something.

And as for all those countries that could perhaps benefit by these multinationals paying their fair share in tax to lift them out of crippling levels of poverty we can only say F**k you too. At least in that we are consistent.

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