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Is A Steaming Vagina Any Good For You?

It’s one of the most bizarre and contentious questions I’ve ever had to ask as a serious journalist. In fact I got a clout around the side of the forehead when I stupidly posed it to herself.


According to the latest “wellness” craze, women are being urged to give ‘V-Steaming’ a go. To do it right you (the woman) must squat over a boiling pot of herb infused water for up to 10 minutes. It’s supposed to help with healing, itching, discharge and cramps. Unfortunately nothing for moods.


Although it’s said to be an old idea, it has been brought back into the limelight by Goop – Gweneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand. This from the same people who suggest that inserting a lead pencil up your arse would stop grey hairs (I’ve actually just made that one up but it may be worth a try anyway).


The pot can contain herbs like chamomile, basil, wormwood.  However the process can be very dangerous. A  Canadian woman recently got a very bad burning when she tried it out. Experts have stated there is no need for V-Steaming as a healthy vagina cleans itself. “A vagina has bacteria that helps keep the vaginal pH at the right level, but disrupting this environment can actually increase the risk of infection,” said a women’s health expert.


Of course someone is making money on this craze. A vagina “detox” and other treatments for intimate areas are now on offer at salons and spas. Basically if you think you need to have it steamed because someone says so on line – well take it from the SligoSligoNews health experts – you don’t.

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