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Is New Head of Board Failte a Pony?

A cat  in Japan – yes an actual cat not some outdated term for a cool person – rose to the position of Vice President of the Wakayama Electric Rail Firm. The cat named Tama was also posthumously made Honourable Eternal Stationmaster. This has help to boost tourist numbers in the land of the rising sun.


The cat’s achievements have inspired the Irish tourist Board (Bord Failte) to appoint a Piebald Pony as their new President.  The pony – Hot Spudato – currently has 4M followers on Instagram and 1.2M on Twitter. It is hoped he will be able to extend his appeal to an international audience and thereby attract visitors to the island.


Hot Spudato’s remit is challenging but his owner, Farmer Jess, feels confident that he can increase tourism by 11% thus outdoing Tama the Cat’s record of 10%. “I’m incredibly proud of Hot Spudato,” said Farmer Jess through a veil of tears, “I’m sure he knows what’s at stake and will put his best hoof forward.  If he doesn’t succeed he’s off to France . “


A Bord Failte official spokesperson commented “In appointing Hot Spudato we are confident that this appointment not only reflects the diversity of the population of the country but is also in keeping with traditional Ireland.”


If this appointment is a success the Irish Government says it will consider appointing animals to other positions of power in the future but then, will we notice?


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