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Is That Your Truncheon?

“Sorry Garda is there something up?” the scantily clad woman is reported to have said.  “Oh! there is now,” the garda replied.


That’s how the garda porn script read – as imagined by this reporter. Carla 4Garda (35) was well and truly done when pulled over by a garda.  She was subjected to intensive interrogation, read her rights and handcuffed. The couple then went on to have sex on the bonnet of what looks like a squad car.


The encounter was apparently filmed on a smartphone and uploaded to Pornhub. Unfortunately the move was not HD quality however professional porn film makers have been trying to contact the “director” to offer him a contract to make more garda porn. 

It’s rumoured a sequel script is being developed where a garda, upon meeting another scantily clad lady, whips out his truncheon, before taking down her particulars and rogering her senseless. A taser may be used in this movie but that hasn’t been confirmed as yet.


A garda spokesperson said action was being taken but they weren’t in a position to comment unlike the officer and the woman who were in a position. A dedicated investigative unit was set up and it’s believed they spent hours researching similar movies in a bid to track down the star of the show. Now garda bosses have given the officer a choice – resign or face dismissal. However several people said the man involved wasn’t someone who would easily pull out.


What offence the young lady committed is not determined and we don’t know if penalty points were issued – although some other points are clearly visible on closer inspection.


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