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IT Sligo Boffins Make Election Count

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The team at IT Sligo department of statistics will be at the forefront of making graphs and “colourful charts” to show what’s happening in Election 2016.

A spokesman (sorry spokesperson) from the department told SSN “half the team would be designing polls and devising questions, half would spend their time analysing the answers from the public – producing charts and graphs and the last half would spend their time dealing with the media and getting the results out there”.

Currently there are 13 people in the statistics department. There should be 15 but two of the ladies have been out on maternity leave for the last 3 years. Apparently their babies are due any day now.

When questioned by a Sligo Sligo News (SSN) reporter about their lack of accuracy over a variety of matters in the past the spokesperson retorted that “There is a lot of hard sums involved I’ll have you know and you can be sure of one thing – Statistics in not an exact science”.

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