Published on April 16th, 2017 | by sligoadmin


It’s Not The Terminator

“We are not creating a terminator,” stated Russia’s deputy prime minister this week after releasing a video where an android shoots at targets with pistols in both (steely robotic) hands.


The humanoid robot – complete with arms, legs, torso and head – is shown  firing bullets and precisely hitting targets. It should be noted that the robot does not miss. This development is seen as a new direction for the military wing of the country.


The android which also uses AI – artificial intelligence – was originally developed for rescue missions and to work as cosmonauts for a trip to the moon and possibly Mars. Known as FEDOR it can drive, use tools, crawl on the ground and can now apparently shoot guns.


It’s been described as a “scary development” by US commentators however they also have robotic soldiers. In the video the “scientists” testing the device turned the robot off before taking a break for their tea however one of them turned to the camera to say – “YA vernus” which translates as “I’ll be back”.

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