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Keep Your Distance

With so many guidelines it’s hard to know what to follow. So here’s a handy breakdown from  SligoSligoNews, to clear up any confusion.


The government has made a number of  announcements regarding social (now physical) distancing regulations. This will have an impact on schools, pubs, restaurants, shops and places where people congregate. It’s part of a plan for phased reopenings to get the economy back up and running.


At present the rule is to stay at least two metres from the nearest person. This will affect schools due to return in September – if they return that month. A one metre rule is being looked at and there is pressure from the pub industry for this to happen. Some say that a 1.5 metre rule is being considered. Different distancing rules may apply in different locations. And the time of day may also have a bearing on the distance you need to keep.


Masks should be used on public transport and in shops. This will not be made mandatory although a lot of experts say it should be.  So you can wear them if you feel like it but you may not be allowed on the train or bus if you do. That hasn’t been decided yet. Even if you do wear a mask you should sill keep your distance –  whatever that distance is, where you are and the time you are there.

The minister responsible to Covid will be issuing a roadmap for everyone to follow. However it’s understood this roadmap will be in feet and inches.


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