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Kenya – Ban Plane Anal Acoustics

A Kenyan politician wants to make a law to prevent farting on commercial flights. Apparently high levels of farting takes place on national and international flights in Kenya. 


Apparently people are more prone to suffer bouts of flatulence (the scientific term) when flying. These windy conditions are all to do with air pressure. In one recent case a flight had to make an emergency landing to deal with a particularly gaseous individual. Fellow passengers reported “the air turned green”.

Back-end Blowouts

The politician claims that when certain passengers let off (a lot) it can irritate fellow passengers and lead to fights. The politician believes that back-end blowouts in such a confined space are particularly nasty. And you can’t just pop outside to cut the cheese in the fresh air.


As to how this would be enforced it was suggested cabin staff could serve bicarbonate of soda to passengers after meals and drinks. Medical records could be obtained for passengers and depending on their contents some passengers wouldn’t be served certain foods or drinks on board. This could cut down on in-flight trumping (note: this has nothing to do with the US President).


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