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Knobs and Knockers

It has emerged that Cork City Council spent a fortune preparing for the royal visit.


A recent report has revealed the Council spent a whopping €5936 to polish door handles as part of the costs involved in the royal visit of Charles and Camilla. The total cost of the visit to the council came to €203,761.


Local politicians have been outraged by the amount of money laid out. “I’m outraged,” said Michileen Murphy, “it’s outrageous this kind of carry on boy.”


When the costs were broken down it emerged that almost €6000 was spent on polishing door knobs and knockers in the city.


“I’ve been polishing my own knob since I was thirteen,” said John, a local Sligo lad. “I wouldn’t mind half of that money for polishing knobs but I wouldn’t touch a Cork knob, no way.  You have to have standards,” he explained, “but then again I’d love to have a go with Cork Knockers.”

SligoSligoNews wants to know were any Sligo knobs polished when the royals visited the area?


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