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Leader For Life

Enda has declared himself as Fine Gael “leader for life”. In an audacious bid to remain in control of the party the Taoiseach made the extraordinary announcement on TV.


It was expected by everyone in the party that he would step down after his St. Patrick’s day visit to President Trump. However it appears our brave leader has been emboldened by his visit to the White House in Washington D.C.

Heads Down

Party insiders are said to be astonished, shocked and distraught. One source said “he wants to behave like an African dictator.” Some Africans were said to be offended with that remark. Other party sources were keeping their heads down for fear of retribution. It’s believed that Enda has surrounded himself with loyalists and a gang of armed bodyguards.


In an address to RTE earlier, our wondrous leader pronounced that all citizens must in future refer to him as – His Highness, Field Marshall General, Lord of all things Irish including Lord of the Dance, Hero of the 2011 General Election, Enda King Kong Kenny.

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