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Leitrim Farmer Melts on Sligo Road

The spell of good weather has put a smile on everyone’s face and lifted the mood of the entire country. We won’t need a break in foreign climes this year. However for one Leitrim couple, on a day  trip to Rosses Point, things sadly turned to tragedy.

“l left him standing by the side of the road next to the Almera,” said Mary Reynolds , “while I went into a shop to get a couple of chalk ices.” However when she returned her husband Packie was nowhere to be found.

Mary continues – “I looked around – that was after I ate the chalk ices of course. They were melting on their sticks so they were, I couldn’t hold onto them.” As we all know this is a common problem with ice cream in such hot conditions.

“I searched for a few minutes but Jimmy was gone,” she said. “I found what looked like a puddle on the side of the road. All the tar was melted.” Heartbroken Mary later stated through a solicitor that she would be taking Sligo County Council and the powers that be to court and she is looking for two million Euros in damages.

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