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Local Horse Farmer Wins Nobellle Prize For Agricultural

comedy-horsesmallBy special correspondent

A local horse farmer has won the highest agricultural prize known to man (and a few species of African Antelope).
The prize made of the highest quality plastic and painted in genuine fake-gold paint stands almost six inches in height.
The statue would take pride of place in any home. The base is designed to fit snugly on any mantelpiece.
Speaking in Oslo before the ceremony the farmer said “I’ve absolutely no idea why I’m here at all. One day I’m enjoying a cup of tea at home, the next I’m in Germany”.
A representative of our Government attended the event and festivities that lasted for 25 days. These included the unorganised, naked mud wrestling. “It sure is brilliant to be here in Denmark”, the minister commented “the wresting was great gas and all”.
Asked what the prize meant for Irish farmers?, he replied – “Sure isn’t it a great colour and the perfect height.”
The organisers themselves refused to reveal why a Sligo man should win such a prestigious prize. One theory put forward by an astute observer was that the farmer was simply outstanding in his own field.

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