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Man Flu – It’s Real

A respected medical journal has investigated the debilitating condition that strikes down thousands of men around this time every year. Man Flu is very real and very deadly.


Women have scoffed for generations at men who take to their beds at the first sign of a sniffle or chill. They imply that men are wimps but the truth is the male of the species has a weaker immune system than the female. The seriously concerning malaise is unfairly described as men, moaning and groaning and exaggerating their symptoms. But this is not the truth.


The study found that men are admitted to hospital more often and have higher rates of flu associated deaths, than women. Canadjian scientists found evidence that men suffer more because they have a less robust immune system. A leading doctor stated, “men may not be exaggerating.”


They also found that the illness and recovery process may have an evolutionary basis that has allowed men to invest their energy into other things, like growth and reproduction. Fair play.

By listening to a sufferer’s moaning, groaning, coughs and wheezes; then waiting on him hand and foot a woman can greatly help a man’s recovery process. Now proof for ya ladies.

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