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Mars Trip To Go Ahead Despite Alien Objections

alien-busBy Lil. Greenman

The annual trip to Mars by some of Sligo’s dedicated Trek heads is going ahead this year despite fierce objections from aliens.  Last year’s trip proved to be an unearthly disaster from start to finish.  First off, some smart Alec criticised Johnnie McDriver (56) with the snide remark “you left earth’s orbit a bit quick there, didn’t ya?”  This prompted Mr. McDriver to decline an invitation to drive this year (in fact what he said wasn’t fit to print).  Aliens on the red planet were upset by the amount of space junk jettisoned by the touring party.  They vocalised their displeasure with the touring company and said they would take the complaints to the Federation – whatever that is.

So up to last week the trip was in jeopardy. However, lifelong Star Trek fan McDriver is stepping in to save the day. Apparently he recently had a change of heart.  The marathon operation lasted more than 10 hours involving a team of four surgeons.  The Collooney man insists he is fit to drive.

The space bus leaves from the Market Yard at 07:30 sharp, Sunday. Please note that the usual coffee break at the Mir space station will not be made as it was felt that the cucumber sandwiches served last year were a bit on the stale side.

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