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Mayo Gobshite Notices “Evenings Drawing In”


Just days after the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – some dickhead from Castlebar loudly proclaimed, from a pub stool, that the days were getting shorter and the “evenings drawing in”. 


The dickhead in question is one Patsy McGoniggled a well known negative snidey fucker and a farmer at that. Not many people except Patsy have noticed or paid too much heed on the days getting shorter. He has been roundly condemned by the church, the public and politicians  – and rightly so.  Every year it’s the same thing, he wants to be the first out with the bad news.


Of course the opposite is true after the winter solstice – the shortest day. Then it’s a knob from Roscommon who proclaims “grand stretch in the evening”.  At least Francie O’Blearyeyed is an optimist or should that be optometrist.

In reality after the summer solstice days only get shorter by about 3 seconds every day – hardly noticeable at all.


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