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Monkey Home

The Colobus monkey that escaped from Cork’s, Fota wildlife park has returned safely home. He remained at large for almost a week ignoring the coaxing and pleas of park rangers eager for him to return.


They tried to coax him with bananas and other soft fruit but the cheeky chap was having none of it. Concerned staff at SSN gave the little swinger a name – Colm.


When he first escaped he issued a press statement – “I’m not going back there, they treat me like an animal. I have my own dreams and I want to make a life out here. I’m thinking of taking a course in IT Cork. I heard a visitor say recently that they’ll take on any kind of monkey. Hey I might even meet a bird who’s into hairy dudes.”


It’s believed, but not confirmed that as part of the deal to get Colm back the rangers had to promise a Sky subscription, a laptop computer, high speed broadband access and a €100 voucher for TK Maxx. Our reporter briefly spoke to Colm on his return. “To be honest I was coming home anyway,” he whispered, “Cork city, it’s like a jungle out there.”

Colm saw the McGregor vs Mayweather fight with his mates early on Sunday morning.


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