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Multinational Tech Companies Should Be Above The Law

According to the head of the IDA (Industrial Development Authority) leading social media companies based in Ireland should not be subjected to the rigour of laws being drawn up to combat criminals.


If we as a sovereign nation (in name only, not action) were to introduce laws designed to intercept the electronic – social media – communication of suspected criminals, then there is a perceived hint or threat that these companies would abandon the country. Ireland would no longer be seen as an attractive base.


So our law enforcement agencies should accommodate the concerns of these companies (some of the same companies who have difficulty paying their fair share of tax remember). We are urged to think of the jobs – always think of the jobs.

Wait and See

Let’s just put aside for a minute that a major criminal feud has been raging in this country for that last few years, that gangland murders occur on an almost daily basis, that complete innocents have lost their lives to these murderous thugs, or that drugs, and related crime, are rife in every city town and village in the country . The advice offered to the government is that we should wait and see what other countries are doing first.


SligoSligoNews knows and agrees that our Data Protection Laws need to be updated and an individual’s rights need to be protected. However it must not be on the basis that we cannot be seen to upset these companies. Ordinary decent law abiding (and tax paying) people deserve to be protected as well.

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