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Nam Veterans Recount Horrific Campaign

SligoSligoNews today reveals exclusive stories and details of survivors’ tales from the deadly series of events that may sadly, have major repercussions for years to come.


‘I had to leave my mates behind,’ recalls Jonnie Mouse-tache Ruddy. He spoke through tears, pausing regularly, to catch his breath and take on some much needed liquid. ‘When I came back from the latrine, I couldn’t find them. The running started then. It was panic stations. I went on alone. I had to, I had to leave them I tells ya.’ Poignant stuff indeed.


Mickey Pugface Fanning related an equally galling story. ‘I lost everything,’ he declared, ‘I went berserk, I lost the shirt off my back. And looking back, in all honesty, I’ll confess that I lost my head, I just lost it. It was carnage out there. And this was on my first day here.’


One unlucky man who wishes to remain nameless believes that he’s lost his place in life.  In hushed tones he told us ‘It’s all gone, I put the house on that loser in the last. The wife will go absolutely Baloobas.’ (Pssst, it’s John Murphy just in case ye were wondering).


But amidst all the sad outcomes  hope still abounds.  Mouse-tache Ruddy was later reunited with his mates in a bar in the big city. There they spent their free time engaging in horseplay with ‘some fine looking fillies’.

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