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Newly Sensitive Tim Hunt Explained (exposé)

The Tim Hunt controversy continues with leaked footage of Tim Hunt attending sensitivity classes following his “jocular” opening of a speech addressed to the female scientists gathered at a conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Tim Hunt is heard discussing alternative options to his chosen words to make the opening to his speech more amusing and less a reason for dismissal and ostracism.

Some of the words are not clear on the recording and have been omitted.

The following is a transcript of the secret footage:

[beginning muffled]

Tim: “…and that is the science behind the proof that women cry more.”

Counsellor: “OK, so if we can have some order in the group.  If I can have your attention.  Perhaps we will start with Tim.  Tim, instead of starting with “I have a reputation as a bit of a chauvinist” what do you think you could have said instead?”

T: “Umm.. I’m not sure really.  I think that as an opening it is perfect actually. A nice mixture of truth and humour,  Humour because it was in front of a group of female scientists who have worked hard to achieve their goals while contributing to society who also have to battle sexism in the workplace every day.  Do you see?  And truth because I am a bit of a chauvinist, but of the nice kind, you know, the sort who isn’t above working with female scientists as long as they are brilliant and I can use their work to augment my own research and get a Nobel Prize.”

C: “OK, well let’s try another one.  What do you think you could say instead of “girls” after all you were speaking to women.”

T:  “Well, using the term girls, you see, lets me make a point while paying them a backhanded compliment.   You know, because they aren’t girls by true definition but sometimes they behave like little girls, you see, so that’s something they could do well to take note of plus I was complimenting them by telling them how youthful they look, which “girls” love.”

C:  “Tim I think I need to have your co-operation more for this process, perhaps you could try harder.”

T:  “OK, but I think this has all been blown out of proportion and is just silly really.  They are just being hysterical and all the shrieking they are doing has really cost me.”

C:  “Do you think you will never work again or be consulted with again.”

T:  “Well I am a leader in my field so I probably will continue working but it has been a nuisance.”

C:  “Well let’s push forward.  How about thinking of alternatives to “girls”.”

T:  “Would “Muslims” be OK?  Or how about “gays”.  That would fit in better with the “falling in love” bit and the crying.  Would that have been OK?”

C:  “No Tim it would not.”

T:  “I had thought to use “little people” instead but then I thought, Koreans, fairly short, might be offensive plus I wasn’t sure if they celebrate Christmas over there.”

[The recording gets interrupted by the sound of what appeared to be a scuffle]

T:  “…why me?”

Why not you, Tim.

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