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No Cuts To Trinity Crusts

A new row has broken out in the world renowned and prestigious Dublin university that is set to rock the educational world and the country to its very core. It’s certain the protest could turn very ugly, very quickly.


Apparently the crusts of sandwiches made in the canteen will no longer be cut off and the student body are incensed. Earlier today tables were overturned and trays not returned to the area where trays are supposed to be returned.



Students picketed the canteen, library and the place where they keep the Book of Kells. The authorities immediately suspended everyone involved and sent in heavy security. Both sides in the dispute have been using twitter to further their views.


The student union president has called on students in all third level institutions to show solidarity with their movement and urged them to launch similar campaigns. The students are expecting the support of a radical left wing politician who is due to address them shortly.


As we left the building numerous students were working on banners and slogans for chants. Third year arts student Ruth Kilbride (22) said – ‘On the surface this protest may be about sandwiches but it’s on a par with previous campaigns such as the civil rights movement, nuclear disarmament and apartheid. If they get away with this, who knows where it will all end. Maybe even Sligo IT.’


However the academic staff took a different stance. One of the lecturers urged the security staff to get stuck in ‘beat the shit out of a few of these privileged fucks.’ Another professor type said – ‘it’s incredible to think that they’ve spent more time on this shit than on their studies all year.’

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