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Nordy Shoppers are Treacherous Bastards!

A leading member of Sligo’s merchant class has branded those who do their seasonal shopping in Norn Iron as traitors. Speaking to SSN earlier Ronald McDoughnut who owns and runs a local clothing shop stated that “the lifeblood of the city was slowly being ebbed away. There’ll be no trade before the Christmas now.” Other traders have pointed to quiet streets and low turnover as evidence of a complete slowdown in business.


Shoppers have been taking advantage of the recent decline in the value of Sterling Vs the Euro and reaping the benefits. SligoSligoNews recently undertook a trip to Enniskillen in order to investigative these claims. When we were in ASDA and Tesco we met no fewer than 20 regular Sligo shoppers. Despite being recognised some of them brazenly carried on shopping. Others hung their heads in shame and skirted away. But one or two did take the time to stop and talk to our intrepid reporter.


Danni told us about all the money to be saved, “I’ve both my trolleys loaded with drink and I saved about €60 on that alone. That’ll do me for the Christmas but I’ll be back to stock up again for New Years.”


Kelly told us about the savings she made. “I got toys for the little ones and something special for himself.  The toys were about €10 cheaper for each one and the something special was something sexy that you can’t get in Sligo anyway.”


Meanwhile this SSN reporter took the opportunity on the trip to stock up on chocolates, beer and red wine. However any savings made were eaten up by costs incurred in lunch, coffee, snacks and petrol. But for people like Danni, (who’ll be trolleyed) or Kelly (sexed up) the savings are there to be made.

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