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Now Dublin Water Leads The Way

Here we go again. Everything goes their way.


Not content with being the capital city, having the largest population and the country’s main airport – Dublin now claims to have the best water. A report says it leads every other county by 10 times.  Apparently there is some kind of drinking water league table we didn’t know about. Something else Dublin has – and we’re all agreed on this – the biggest arseholes in Ireland.


And of course it’s the Dubs out front – it’s always the feckin’ Dubs. They get everything going – all the big jobs, all the GAA funding, all the best concerts – why didn’t the Stones play Sligo’s Knocknarea arena? Now they claim to have the best drinking water. It’s simply not fair.  It’s not a level playing field. How is the rest of the country supposed to compete?


SligoSligoNews has learned that the water contains lead (the metal) and Dublin’s drinking water is 10 times the legal limit. We don’t know how this benefits the Dubs yet but you can be sure there’s some catch and we will find out. Irish water says it’s lead free when it leaves their processing plants. So some cute fecker must be adding it to the supply.


We will have our say. We want and demand lead in our water as well. We shouldn’t be content with it just in our pencils. Contact your local TD, get out and march and lead by example. SligoSligoNews urges the people of Sligo to campaign strongly on this issue.

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