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Olympics Inspires Laser Vision

Dublin businessman Bernard O’Reilly believes he can capitalise on the goodwill generated by the progress of Irish Olympian Annalise Murphy in the Laser Radial sailing event. Her efforts have captured the imagination of the nation and O’Reilly.


The businessman will plough his entire life savings into a business venture based around the sailing craft. He plans to invest millions and open twenty Laser Radial shops, employing hundreds, throughout the country over the next six months . He said that demand for the small sailing boats will go through the roof after the Rio Games. A Laser Radial, as everyone in Ireland knows by now, is a small sailing dinghy. It is a single-handed boat that can be sailed by one person.


O’Reilly a keen sailor in his own right has stated that he will make an absolute fortune. The first shop will be in Sligo and all subsequent shops will be based in coastal towns with a strong sailing tradition. The shops will have thousands of the Laser Radials for sale.


His business plan is based around the government introducing a similar scheme for the sailing boats as they did for bicycles with the ‘Bike to work scheme’. With this in place a Laser Radial (typical price €10,000) will be easily affordable by the average person in Ireland. The affable South Dublin entrapeneur has been involved in previous ventures that included selling refrigerators to Inuits (formerly known as Eskimos) and setting up a filling station for space craft on the moon.


With thousands of potential future sailors in this class we will be producing world class competitors for years to come. O’Reilly speaking from his base in Dublin has envisioned an advertising campaign based around the slogan “Sail on for the big Sale”.

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