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Panic Shopping in Sligo as if World Due to End

xmas shop2With only 3 full Xmas shopping days to go buying fever has hit Sligo stores. Some people who’ve never shopped in their lives are battling with seasoned shoppers in Sligo’s plethora of retail outlets.


We spoke to Ann from Rathbraughan who was pushing one over-laden trolley and pulling another one behind her through Tesco as her young fella had a third trolley on the go. “I don’t understand why everyone leaves it until the last minute.  It took me nearly an hour to get down the drinks aisle. It’s all these once-a-year merchants that spoil it for everyone.”


xmas shop3Tempers flared outside Dunnes as two women wrestled over the last box of Crackers. Their husbands looked on soaking up the mirth and joys of Christmas. At this stage most people are looking jaded and wander around like zombies as they try to negotiate the streets. Shopkeepers on the other hand are delighted at this time of year – they usually make a killing. It’s their Christmas, except it really is Christmas.


Nobody wants to run out of the essentials when the stores are closed. The essentials being of course – bread, milk, vodka, beer, wine and cigarettes. When we told Mary from the Pearse Road that shops would re-open on the Monday, “They  can’t be trusted,” she said. “It wouldn’t be fresh stuff and besides I have visitors, what would they think of me?”


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