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Pattie Announces 100 Jobs for Sligo

A host of local election candidates have been falling over themselves to welcome the latest job announcement for Sligo city and county.


Local politicians have been more than excited to welcome this to the area – especially seeing as there is an election happening soon. It’s a tried and trusted method that by simply associating yourself with good news people will think you had something to do with it. Mostly this is completely untrue – just a good old PR stunt.


However on this occasion the news sounded great at first but was in fact misleading. You see the Pattie in question was on a hen night in the Garravogue last Saturday night. She was drunk and loudly boasted that she’d give 100 blow jobs to Sligo men. The news spread very quickly as you can imagine and the pollies were quick (almost too quick) to react.


After initially welcoming the news candidates have since being trying to distance themselves from the announcement. However one independent did say that any sort of a job for Sligo would be welcome.

Some witty git in SligoSligoNews central office has suggested that we should refer to some potential politicians as local erection candidates.

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