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Peeking Blinders

The government has outlined a new and cruel household/broadband charge that will come into force within five years.


Not only will households be charged for a television but a range of other cynical charges will be imposed including:

  • Neighbours peeking through net curtains
  • Staring out of bus and train windows
  • Using any type of device capable of accessing the internet – smart phones, tablets, computers
  • Using devices – that haven’t even been invented yet – to access content


A task force has been set up to look at other options that may include listening to gossip and using a mirror while driving. The last option would not be a problem for motorists from the fair city of Sligo as most of them don’t even know where the mirror is located and never use it anyway.


The powers that be will roll out a series of “Device Detector Vans” capable of sniffing out these devices. These would be similar to the TV detector vans that didn’t work.

It’s rumoured that the people in RTE are rubbing their hands with glee as most of the proceeds will be coming their way.

We at SligoSligoNews prefer to call this measure what it is – a tax (an RTE tax) where any form of content may be subject to a charge.

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