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Philosophy Corner – What Goes Through A Mind?

Life questions posed by life and living it – you are very welcome to Philosophy Corner.


SligoSligoNews presents a new series of articles on the major questions that surround our very lives. We will spend time with some of the greatest minds in Sligo and discover their thoughts on diverse philosophical subjects. At the same time we will ask ordinary decent members of the public how these ideas might affect them.


Today’s question has been posed to none other than Professor B. Brains of Harvard. As an indication of how clever the bloke is – without being asked he told us that “B stands for “big”.

SligoSligoNews: Professor what is the last thing to go through a fly’s mind when it hits a car windscreen?


Professor Brains expounded on the nature of the species. The size of the insect would of course have a bearing as would the direction of flight. Even if the subject is simply hovering. Also the type and colour of the car would be extremely important in determining what the fly sees before impact.  This he argues would surely determine what would go through its brain.


John O’ Brainy (no relation) from North Sligo countered that “what the good professor is saying is utter nonsense – the last thing to go through the fly’s mind would of course be its arse”.



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