Published on June 5th, 2020 | by sligoadmin


Planning Permission Not Required

Cartron woman found a clever way to contravene planning regulations recently.


Having read about a family from the deep South of the US, Mary O’Reilly (44) employed some lateral thinking in order to have an extension to the side of her house. The mild mannered mother of twenty five had tried for years for permission but was refused every time.


Outdated and draconian planning laws  prevented her having her dream home. Also a lot of mean- spirited neighbours objected. Mary got a “friend” to reverse a campervan, smash it and scrape it into the side of her house.  It became stuck  tightly to the wall. Another “friend” opened up an entrance from the house to the van with a cango hammer – job done.


No laws were broken and the neighbours can’t object as it’s not a building extension merely a vehicle parked, admittedly badly, at the side of the house. Well done Mary. We here at SligoSligoNews are behind you every step of the way and we applaud your methods.


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