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Published on October 8th, 2018 | by sligoadmin


Police Smash Veggie Drug Ring

Police in the UK have broken the back of a huge drug ring operating under the guise of vegetable deliveries and farmers markets.


An undercover sting operation was launched earlier this year when members of the regional drugs squad received a tip off about a consignment of class A drugs hidden on a vegetable lorry. Officers dressed as farmers and market traders allowed the lorry make it’s deliveries in order to discover where the drugs were being traded.


When they pounced they found an enormous haul of illegal contraband literally buried among the produce. A police spokesperson said a further shipment that was intercepted was bound for Borough Market and would likely be distributed to other markets around London. She continued “we now know that when they shout – two for a pound, get them here nice and fresh – they are talking about a pound of grass.”


Vegetable drug slang terms – this is the type of language used by these evil suppliers – market traders – when dealing in their evil trash.

Nips = Turnips (Cannabis)

Cars = Carrots (Crack Cocaine)

Cums= Cucumbers (Uppers)

Horse=Horseraddish (or Heroin)

Toes = Potatoes (Rock Cocaine)

Toms = Tomatoes (a soft fruit not a vegetable and not a drug either)

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