Published on August 24th, 2018 | by sligoadmin


Politician – ‘I Know How To Solve Homeless Problem’

A well known politician says he’s come up with an ingenious way to solve Dublin’s homeless crisis for good.


Speaking this week, the clearly overweight, red-faced, public representative from one of Dublin’s more affluent districts shared his insight with SligoSligoNews.


‘It dawned only me this week,’ the brown-suited, freckled, red-head (59), who wants to remain anonymous, boldly stated, ‘and the answer has been staring us in the face.’ He suggested that a committee should be formed to consider his plans and when they are accepted – as he’s sure they will be – they should be implemented immediately.


The basis of his solution is to have the Pope visit every two weeks so we can regularly clear the homeless off the streets of Dublin.  ‘We’ll have a legitimate excuse for ridding ourselves of these unsightly people,’ he said ‘ and we can put them in some out of the way place like Carlow or Clonmel.’

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