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Pot Black Competition Dump

There has been some controversy recently over the recent darts tournament where players were accused of farting in order to put opponents off their game.


SligoSligoNews was contacted by a local lad who told us of his experiences with a somewhat similar if even more drastic intervention. Our local hero remembers a pool comp in a rough pub in about 1998. “What those dart players had to endure is just piss and wind compared to the old days,” said John.


It was a Pot Black pool completion with a grand prize of a frozen turkey for the Christmas dinner. John reached the final against a local hard man. The match rested on the final black and John nominated a pocket and prepared to claim the prize.


What does the hard man do but only goes and takes a dump in the nominated pocket.  “He filled the pocket with shit,” declared John. “He obviously hadn’t been for a few days and he claimed that the previous day’s Chinese, a bacon and cabbage dinner and fry up were responsible for the enormous pile of poo.”


The hard man won the competition that night. “Fair play to him though,” continued John, “he didn’t touch the table as stipulated in the rules. He got up on a chair perched over the pocket and made his deposit.”

It’s understood that no one left the bar – a few got sick – and there were tears streaming from a few pairs of eyes. But no one wanted to leave their drinks behind. People had stronger stomachs in those days – the good auld days – Ireland was so much better then.

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