Published on March 1st, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Pot Heads Celebrate First Day Of Lent

The rumour started yesterday evening in a down town pub and the rumour spread rapidly. So much so that queues formed outside church early this morning.


Pot heads also known as spliff junkies, stoners, reefer addicts, dope heads etc. are not known as a motivated bunch and they very rarely get out of bed first thing in the morning. But today, the first day of lent proved a different matter.


Was it to renew an association with the church and start out on a different foot with Easter on the horizon? Apparently not – according to one young man, who refused to give his real name but wanted to be known as Bud, stated – “I heard that Father Trendy would be dishing out free hash at first mass so I got down here rapid, like. It’s called Hash Wednesday – I haven’t been here in for years.”


Gardai were in attendance in case trouble broke out but those in the queue seemed too listless and couldn’t be arsed. When it became apparent that free drugs weren’t being distributed the army of dope fiends shuffled off quietly.

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