Published on March 10th, 2021 | by sligoadmin


Pretty Polly – F’ Off

Feathers have been ruffled and feathers flying at a nature park.

A number of foul mouthed parrots at a wildlife park in the UK had to be separated in a bid to curb their bad language. They were moved to an area out of reach of the general public. Management have admitted to making mistakes but have now laid down the law.

It’s believed visitors to the park initially taught and encouraged the parrots to start. Once they picked up the fruity lingo they started to egg each other on and it quickly got out of control. People would laugh at them  f*&king and blindin’ which led to the birds continuing to swear – it became a vicious circle.

The management thought the constant use of swear words was a bad influence on the young ones – not only baby birds but child visitors. But to be honest it’s easy to imagine people laughing their heads off as a parrot fucks them out of it.

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