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Public Want Brussels Ban

(Sprouts that is)

In what could be interpreted as a two-fingered salute to our European lords and masters the good people of Sligo are set to reject these winter vegetables that are very closely associated with Christmas.


A recent poll conducted by SligoSligoNews has revealed that the majority do not want anything to do with Brussels Sprouts. A whopping 75% of those polled want an end to this torture. The survey was conducted outside supermarkets last weekend. Busy shoppers answered a series of questions relating to Christmas buying habits and revealed their thoughts on these hated vegetables. Most want sprouts outlawed forever. However a small minority are in favour of keeping them but on the whole these are mainly older people.

Stinky Farts

The miniature cabbage usually provides some mirth at the Christmas dinner table when someone gets to utter the immortal “Mam you’ve only gone and made a balls of the cabbage.” Brussels sprouts are known as cruciferous vegetables but the only thing you really need to know is that they are the main cause of very stinky farts over the festive season.

The people of Sligo have spoken – they will no longer pinch their noses in disgust.

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