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Puke if you got an A1


Sligo Students celebrate Leaving by throwing up

Sligo students show off but at the same time subtly let everyone know what they got in the Leaving Cert. They did this by puking their grades out on the street.

Rory McPartland (18) threw up six times between pubs on O’Connell Street and Castle Street. He scored 4 A1s and 2 B1s.

Aine (who would not reveal her last name) sprayed the branch of PTSB with a controlled display of projectile vomiting – which spelled out 5 A1s. She said she was pleased with the result and her stomach contents could also be interpreted as a protest against the finance sector even though she aspires to eventually become a hedge fund manager.

Sharon (17 ½ – the half still being important to her) got sick into the top pocket of her coat, excused herself and said she was repeating.

However John McFee (17) failed to join in with his colleagues, stating it was “silly and disrespectful”. He didn’t spew his guts on the street leading worried friends to speculate that he had failed miserably.

The local A&E has welcomed the cultural shift where students are ‘puking their ring’ on the street rather that in ambulances or on hospital floors and staff.

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