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Put Baby To Sleep With The U2

Popular Irish rock group The U2 are regarded in some circles as the  world’s most soporific combo.


Scientists claim the song ‘One’ by The U2 is a perfect lullaby. The song contains very significant ingredients in order to send a baby to sleep. This includes a slow tempo, quiet dynamics and a simple repetitive rhythm pattern. The boffins from top United Kingdom university Durham made the official claim after analysing 4500 songs. Released in 1992 ‘One’ is (for want of a better word) the one.

No. 1

Apparently the song written by Bonnor, The Hedge, Lar, and Damian never reached No. 1 in the pop charts but has since been hailed by many as one of the greatest songs of all time – according to polls. So if you ever make the bold claim that you can’t listen to The U2 as they send  you to sleep, you may be onto something.

We tried to get a comment from Dr. Owsey (chief scientist at Durham) but his secretary said he was unavailable as he was having a nap.






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