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Raised Eyebrows In Tattoo Parlour

A new tattoo shop to open in Sligo is about to raise eyebrows with breathtaking new designs, according to the owner.

After years of experience in London, Benny Flowers is opening his new shop later this year. The colourful entrepreneur promises special offers on Tats for ladies who “can’t be arsed drawing their eyebrows on every day”.

“Ladies, why not have your default look permanently etched on your face,” suggests Benny. “We can do angry, sad, open eyed, questioning, confused, even sleepy and uninterested. It’s all about the eyes you see,” he said.

These days a lot of people opt for text based Tats on faces or necks – something to help open conversations or indeed, ask suggestive questions. Tats as part of a drunken night are “well good,” according to Benny. Some of the following are popular in London and will soon be coming to Sligo.

“Fancy a Shag?” – for the man about town

“#Bantz?” – for the shy man trying to spark up a conversation.

“Bitches Be Trippin” – popular with all sexes.

“Don’t F*cKin Start On Me”  – new design, especially for Sligo.

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