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Rovers To Introduce Blow Up Sex Doll Fans?


Great news, the premiership is returning soon. But all matches will be played behind closed doors so clubs and TV companies are exploring ways of generating an atmosphere. Some Clubs will offer life size cardboard cutouts of season tickets holders in their regular seats – for a price of course.

Sex Dolls

Controversially clubs have hinted that they will copy the South Korean league and use blow up sex dolls in the stands. It’s thought that the dolls may be able to “raise” an atmosphere. A spokesperson for Sligo Rovers said they will monitor the doll situation closely and may roll out (or blow up) such a solution in the Showgrounds later this year. 


Whatever, it’s terrific news for all sports fans. The first match on Wednesday 17 June will be Aston Villa Vs Sheffield United followed later in the evening by Man City Vs Arsenal. In the latest round of player Coronavirus tests no one tested positive. The league has been suspended since 13 March due to the pandemic. All remaining 92 matches will be televised. And new rules mean that each team will be allowed 5 subs.

Cheering sounds may be boomed out around grounds. And fans watching in the comfort of their living room  will have a new TV option of turning on/off artificial crowd cheers.


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