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RTE Cuts May Benefit Sligo

Changes proposed by the supreme leader of RTE Dee Forbes include the following.

    • Moving the whole kit and caboodle to Finisklin industrial estate in Sligo. Although the studio out there is small, staff will have to do their bit and squeeze in. There will be a lot of desk and resource sharing.
    • The RTE tax to be increased immediately. It should be mandatory for every citizen of the country whether they are resident or not. It should be collected by the revenue and those who don’t pay will be shot (not really but they will get in big trouble – a fine or jail time).
    • The canteen will be closed and a small kitchen provided that will include a kettle, fridge and microwave. Staff can make their own sangwiches or prepare microwave meals for themselves and guests.
    • The “green room” where a lot of guests are plied with alcohol before appearing will close immediately. Anyone scheduled to appear on a live show will have to bring their own – bottles of wine or bags of cans.
    • Old but fondly remembered shows will be repeated more often. The Irish viewing public will get to enjoy the likes of Bosco, Wanderly Wagon, The Riordans, Glenroe again and again and again and again.
    • Only music out of copyright will be played on RTE radio.
    • The Late Late Toy show will be reconfigured to become the Tie show and will feature a huge range of ties of all colours and designs that can be purchased as Christmas presents. This may happen this year.
    • The six o’Clock news will last for only six minutes every evening.
    • When there is nothing to show on TV solemn music will be played behind a picture of our glorious Taoiseach whoever he/she may be.

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