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RTE Will Send “The Fields…” to Eurovision

An insidious plot by RTE executives will ensure that our next entry to the Eurovision Song Context will be a version of The Fields of Athenry.

It’s felt by those in the know that the song will have a great chance of at least getting through to the final round and possibly even win. The exploits of the Irish soccer team has been cited as the inspiration for this venture.


The song will of course be made into a Euro-song complete with backing vocals, high pitched warbling and synthesised music. However the song will open with a recording of our brave soccer fans who have entertained everyone at European Championships with their singing. There will also be some Irish dancing and someone banging on a bodhrán. It’s believed that the song will act like an earworm and infect the whole of Europe who will be familiar with the melody and lyrics by Eurovision time.  It’s felt that this might give us a bit of an edge. A spokesman/person for RTE said “this might give us a bit of an edge”.

The video will feature famous Irish people and soccer fans in various states of drunkenness in France. It has yet to be decided which Boyzone or Westie life member will be allowed to sing the Jazzed up version of the song.


One French man was heard to say (in a French accent of course) “What is zees shit? Where are zees feelds they sing about? How are zey lonely there are literally thousandz of zem?” On hearing this an Irish fan retorted that he was just a jealous f&(k.


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