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Scam or Cure?

An oil based remedy is being sold in Sligo with the claim that it will protect and cure people that may become virus infected.


SligoSligoNews launched an investigation earlier today when it learned the “cure” was available on the streets. Actually Jonnie’s mam rang in asking if we knew where she could get her hands on it. One of our intrepid reporters investigated and spoke to the (anonymous) seller (we’ll call him Stanley for the purposes of this article). 


Stanley guaranteed that the oil was “100% legit”.  It smells like rapeseed oil infused with herbs and crushed garlic and sells for €215 for a 20ml bottle. Stanley said every one had been blessed by a bishop. He advised on it’s use – “after a shower a user should massage the oil all over in a slow and rhythmical fashion starting with the feet moving up the body, not forgetting the fiddly bits, and eventually finishing with the head”.


We found it difficult to contact users of the balm but eventually managed to track down Mary who stated “I’m on my sixth bottle already and haven’t caught it yet”. When pressed which bishop blessed the oil Stanley admitted that he wasn’t sure the man was an actual member of the clergy but that his name was Bishop – or maybe that was a nickname.

Again when asked how this oil would prevent or protect against the Corona virus. Stanley suddenly became defensive and replied “at no stage whatsoever did I actually say what virus it worked on”.

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