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Sell Unwanted Prezzies With SSN

In order to curb the level of disappointment throughout the county SligoSligoNews is offering a new service to deal with the unwanted present dilemma.


It happens to people every year; they grab a parcel with their name from under the Christmas tree, unceremoniously rip off the wrapping paper only to discover it’s exactly what they didn’t want. No matter how obvious or how often hints have been dropped they’ve remained unheeded.


Since Christmas morning we’ve been taking emails and calls from people who want to anonymously ditch the tack they’ve received. So we’ve decided to be the man in the middle and help locals get rid of reams of unwanted shite.

To start things off check out the following list of gifts where we’ve been asked to sell. Contact us if you are interested.


Comedy Xmas jumper – Free – Garry the Grouch

Stuffed goose €12 – Vincent the Vegetarian

6 pack of Lidl Men’s very brief briefs €3 – Mary – Cranmore

2 pkts of super small lemon flavoured ribbed condoms €1.50 – Jessica – Cartron

1 Sexy Basque (large) made of chocolate (slightly melted) – €2 – Fred – Sligo

Daniel O’Donnell body suit and face mask – €10 – Joe – Heavy Metal fan

Fireworks – pack of ten (slightly damp) €5 – Arron the Arsonist

Half eaten pepperoni pizza – €2 – Mannie has the munchies.

Whoopee cushion – €1 – Granny Smith

Power Drill – €12 – Aisling – Rathbraughan

Nokia 1209 – €.50 – John – Market Square

Pack of 6 Coasters – €1 – Tony The Tramp

Shower Gel, soap, smelly stuff – €2 – Tony The Tramp again

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