Published on January 30th, 2019 | by sligoadmin


Sex Sells

Scientists at Sligo IT take a look at Sex.


There has been widespread shock at the recent discovery that sex is blatantly being used to sell stuff. The boffins at Sligo IT have published a report that finally proves the theory.


The report indicates that every kind of product, televisual shows, newspapers and magazines will sell quicker if presented in a kind of ‘Sexy’ way. This applies to items even if they are more expensive than comparable items that don’t get the same advertising push.


For years the subject has intrigued scientists but now they have the answer.  The brave and dedicated IT staff and students carried out extensive surveys and some practical tests over the past five years to prove the theory.


As many as 150 people were questioned and thousands of hours were spent looking at advertisements in our media. Approximately 68% of respondents said they had been swayed to part with money because an item would make them look or feel sexier or in some cases would lead to them getting some actual sex.


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