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Shark Nursery Off West Coast

A rare shark nursery has been discovered off the West coast of Ireland.



Marine scientists who were doing some mariney type things and looking for mermaids and things made the surprise find at a depth of 750 metres – quite deep by modern standards.



They knew they were onto something when they found a lot of egg shells – known in marine circles as mermaid purses – at the scene. It is here that the female would have given birth to baby sharks known as pups. They will grow to over a metre in length.



There was great excitement in the Irish marine community when the news of these threatened species was announced. However excitement was dampened down when a spokesperson for the sharks said that they intended to set up solicitor firms along the west coast of the country. “Our services with be top of the range. Once we get our teeth into a case we’re not letting go,” said a beaming John Jaws. “We’ve noticed that existing firms are in fact toothless and we intend to take a big bite out of the market,” he confirmed.


The Law Society of Ireland have remained tight lipped on the subject.


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