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Shit That’s Gold

Scientists have found a way to extract gold from faeces.


In what has been described, in some circles, as the find of the century a team of boffins from a US university can mine gold from excrement. So far millions of dollars in research money has been spent.


The scientists have been working on this project – nicknamed “Goldfinger” – for ten years.  By all accounts have had to put up with some very bad smells in the lab. But it won’t make any of them rich. Instead of a gold rush you could say they’ve ended up with egg on their faeces.


A gold mining expert has stated that the amount of gold that may be recovered would be minimal. He laughingly said the type of gold that can be extracted from sewerage works would not be real gold but “stools” gold.


“There’s no gold in them there hills,” one of the investors told SligoSligoNews. He went on to describe the discovery as “a crock of shit,” and “as good as throwing money down the toilet”. No shit Sherlock. 

Before presenting their work the scientists tried to polish up some turds to get them to shine – but this failed.

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