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Published on August 24th, 2015 | by sligoadmin


Shock as Sligo not represented on Ashley

Sligo was plunged to the bottom of the adultery list of Irish cheaters in a recent finding. According to a recent article in the Sunday World neither the city or any county area was included in a breakdown of potential and actual cheaters.

We presented this information to random passers by after mass and it was met by a wave of disbelief. “Surely this is some mistake,” said Sligo resident Ms Olaf Murphy (name changed to maintain anonymity), “My Billy swore blind he had signed up ages ago, wait ‘till I get my hands on him.”

“It’s a sad day for Sligo,” one resident proclaimed. And to add to the shame of it all we now know how our horny neighbouring and near neighbouring counties have been getting on (so to speak, no irony intended here). The figures are as follows…

Roscommon with a whopping 644 (can you believe it?)

Longford 593

Donegal 942

Cavan 1021

ashley madison-text

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