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Sligo Couple Cite Windy Conditions for Break Up

The latest in a series of storms has led to the end of a relationship for a stalwart Sligo couple.


Storm Callum the most recent storm to hit these shores sparked an orange warning for the country. It has wreaked havoc with electricity outages for homes and businesses. Disruption to some schools could also be on the cards. There may be isolated instances of flooding and transport chaos.


However for one Sligo couple Callum has culminated in a “perfect storm” to bring an end to their romance. Tina Murphy and Jonathan Rice have been seeing each other, off and on, for four years after meeting at a “disco” in 2014. They hit it off immediately. “We were both pissed as newts,” said Tina “sure he could hardly stand, I had to help him out of the building.” Romance quickly blossomed and they have been seeing each other since.


They moved in together in August of this year.  However things were not very rosy in the garden so to speak. Individual habits started to make things grate for the couple.  “I’m sick of her leaving her dirty knickers and bras thrown about the place,” said Jonathan. Tina then brought up the matter of Jonathan’s IBS problems.


Things came to a head last night at the height of storm Callum when Tina mused “it’s getting fierce windy out there alright.”  Jonathan who was eating a pizza at the time laughed and quipped “it’s going to be fierce windy in here soon.” Indeed when the wind picked up Tina, declaring she had enough, left their love nest and moved back to her mother’s place.

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